He’s J.C.  She’s Katie.  They like movies…a lot.  Check out their podcast at The Wanna Watch a Movie? Podcast.

More about J.C.:

From the far reaches of outer-space, a forgotten planet known as Arkansas, J.C. escaped the clutches of imminent doom to arise triumphantly as a podcasting force for good.

A struggling stand-up by night and a mild mannered insurance worker by day whose love of horror films have left him cast-out from society; weekly he dons the guise of a super-podcaster. Along with his sidekick Katie, together they defeat preconceived notions about beloved movies. With infrequent contributions to www.nerdist.com and a much neglected film blog, J.C. is known to ask the question “Hey, wanna watch a movie?”

Influenced by Night of the Living Podcast and the Bloody Good Horror podcast, J.C. fights for truth, justice and the American moviegoer.

Follow him on Twitter: @JayFralick

More about Katie:

When I was a kid, I spent a lot of time alone, and found solace in recording “radio shows” with my little stereo.  I made up an imaginary radio station called K.I.D.S. Radio (oh man, it’s so much better when you can hear me sing the call letters…) and spent hours coming up with comedy routines and interviews read from magazines.  I know…pitiful.

I’m a transplant from Central Massachusetts.  My accent comes out every now and then.  We’ve got two miniature schnauzers that you’ll hear from time to time on the podcast.  I’m a writer at heart and am finishing up my degree in English from IUPUI.

So now I’m some-what grown-up and I have a new medium to record shows.  I hope you enjoy them!

Follow her on Twitter: @KTFralick


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