Song of the Day 10/19

Posted: October 19, 2011 in J.C. Personal
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Today’s song will have us all up and moving. From American house/dance group from New York City named Deee-Lite comes the funky, happy and danceable (if you do that kind of thing) “Groove is in the Heart”. This song was released in 1990 and hit the charts worldwide, including grabbing the number 4 spot on the Billboard Hot 100.

Deee-Lite’s members hail from around the world and all of them took on alter egos when performing. Super DJ Dmitri is originally from Kiev, Ukraine, Lady Miss Kier is originally from Youngstown, Ohio, Towa Tei is originally from Tokyo, Japan and DJ Ani is originally from Kansas City, Kansas.

Deee-Lite released two additional albums after their World Clique debut, but none of them recaptured the success of “Groove is in the Heart”. Just before the group’s third album was released, Towa Tei left the band claiming that his time with Deee-Lite had made him ill.

The backing track is made up of samples from other songs. The main riff is from a Herbie Hancock track. Possibly the best known moment from the song is the slide whistle during a breakdown which is sampled from R&B singer Vernon Burch’s “Get Up”. Parliament-Funkadelic legend Bootsy Collins and Q-Tip from A Tribe Called Quest also contribute to the recording.

Online publication Slant Magazine ranked the song number 2 on its 100 Greatest Dance Songs list.

The music video is a psychedelic romp through a constantly shifting cartoon background featuring Deee-Lite, Q-Tip, jazz saxophonist Maceo Parker and Bootsy Collins. The video closes with Collins speaking close to the camera and saying “I just wanted you to know that groove is in the heart, and Deee-Lite have definitely been known to smoke…on stage, that is!”
From what I can gather, the song compares the feelings of infatuation with a groovy song that gets inside you and makes you want to move.

When it comes to what is commonly considered a one-hit-wonder “I couldn’t ask for another”

See ya on the “b” side.

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