Song of the Day 9/23

Posted: September 23, 2011 in J.C. Personal
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Welcome to Friday. I’ve got a couple songs for you today since there was no song yesterday. One I will only briefly mention. I will say a bit more about the one I heard this morning on my drive in. A British rock band from West Sussex that formed in 1976 brings us our feature song today. Seminal Goth rock band, although the members reject that label, fronted by Robert Smith, the band’s only constant member. The Cure released one of their best known songs in 1992. The song went to number 18 on the Billboard Hot 100 and is The Cure’s last top 40 hit to date. It’s called “Friday I’m in Love”. The song was nominated for a Grammy and won the MTV Video Music award in the European Viewer’s Choice for best music video.

The song was originally intended to be played much slower than the recorded version. For those music majors out there, the song was recorded in D major but because of Smith’s forgetfulness and constant tinkering around with the recording equipment; he forgot to turn off the vari-speed on the recorder and the song sounds a bit higher than the intended key. When played live, the song is played as intended.

A bit of a testament to the strangeness of Mr. Robert Smith, when he wrote the song, he became paranoid believing that he had stolen the chord progression. Anyone that has played music knows that there are few “new” ways to put chords together in a song. Smith called everyone he knew and played the song for them to see if they could identify the song as belonging to someone else. When no one could place the song, he understood that he had, in fact, written it.

The lyrics are a proclamation that the singer is in love despite what the world throws at him. To him, it’s always Friday because he’s in love. It is a rather happy song for a band known for “dominant, melodic bass lines; whiny, strangulated vocals; and lyric obsession with existential, almost literary despair”.

If The Cure is not your thing, let’s jump back about 10 years. Our neighbors to the north unleashed upon us a band that would eventually earn four multi-platinum albums. The specific song was released in 1981 and reached number 29 on the Billboard Hot 100, higher on the rock charts. Led by drummer and lead singer Mike Reno Loverboy recorded what would become their pop anthem and Friday staple on classic rock radio “Working for the Weekend”.

This song has been used in several video games, movies, television shows and commercials. My favorite use of the song is from the Saturday Night Live sketch that makes me laugh while leaving me sad. Do you remember the sketch with Patrick Swayze and Chris Farley where they are both auditioning to be Chippendales dancers? One of my favorites.

So whether every day feels like Friday cause you’re in love or if you’re just doing your best to get through today for a little R&R, it is Friday and be thankful I didn’t choose Rebecca Black for today’s song.

See ya on the “B” side.


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