JC: Ohhhhh, Back to School

Posted: August 11, 2011 in J.C. Personal, On DVD, Reviews

As the upcoming semester draws near, it got me thinking about movies that deal with school. So in no particular order, I give you my favorite movies that deal with school.

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure
This is a movie I have seen a number of times that has to be nearing triple digits. This incredibly quotable movie about two young people (that have to be perpetually stoned) that are allowed to travel through time thanks to future George Carlin. Honestly, this movie is dumb fun, but wouldn’t you have wanted to have an adventure like they had? Plus is was obviously inspired by Doctor Who. Win – all around.

Mean Girls

So many people dismiss this Tina Fey penned comedy as a movie for high school kids, but it is not only quite funny, it gave Lindsay Lohan her best role, tied with her role in Machete. It also introduced us to Rachel McAdams and the lovely Lizzy Caplan. I know this wasn’t the first role for either of them, but it is the first time I remember seeing them and it would be a crime if they never made it into my consciousness.

This Wes Craven classic makes it scary to be in high school, and I’m not talking about homework and pop-quizzes. Neve Campbell revitalizes the final girl troupe and the killer is unexpected. With tongue placed firmly in cheek, stereotypical high school kids are killed off by a villain that would become much more than the sum of its parts.

The Complete Harry Potter Series
Who wouldn’t love to receive a letter by owl stating that you have been accepted to Hogwarts. Even though it is not an actual school and it very fantastic, no other movie series has focused on life at school more than the Harry Potter films. Magic would have made high school more bearable.

Dead Poet’s Society
When I’m not watching this film, I forget how impactful it is, but whenever I watch it again, I wonder how I forgot. This is, hands down, Robin Williams’ best role (his accent disqualifies his role in Good Will Hunting). It is moving without being too heavy and manipulative.

Honorable mention to Fast Times at Ridgemont High, PCU, The Breakfast Club and Election

What are your favorite films about school? If you’re not sure if a movie you’re thinking of counts… I say it does.



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