JC: “Shut Up, Little Man” (at IIFF)

Posted: July 24, 2011 in In Theatres, J.C. Personal, Reviews

20110724-070642.jpgI went to a screening of “Shut Up, Little Man: An Audio Misadventure” at the Indy Film Fest. This is a documentary about some audio verite recordings of two men named Peter and Raymond. Peter and Raymond are two violent alcoholics that live together and fight constantly. Two young people, Eddie Lee Sausage and Mitchell D began recording the fights, first out of belief that they may need to have the threats captured for the police. As they kept recording, they found entertainment out of the horrible things Ray and Peter would say to each other. The recordings eventually became an underground phenomena with tapes being traded around the world.

This film did make me think about the line between exploitation and entertainment by invoking YouTube and prank calls. So where do we draw the line? For me, I draw the line short of this film which I found to make light of two sad and broken people who lost much of their lives to alcohol and hate. Their story was one that I found heartbreaking.

The film told the story of how the recordings got so big, but the only way to tell that story is to explain the recordings and the story behind them. I think it would have been better to let the two men rest in peace and let Shut Up, Little Man die with the individuals that made the recordings possible.


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