JC: Seriously, Netflix??

Posted: July 13, 2011 in J.C. Personal, On DVD

Seriously, 60% increase, Netflix?

As we consider cutting the cable and alternative entertainment options, we have considered a Roku box, Hulu+, Amazon, Sony, Microsoft and Redbox for new releases. Everyone wants their piece of my entertainment dollar. Some companies have fought to get it. Cinemas have lowered their ticket prices to $5 on weeknights and before noon, Redbox charges $1 for DVDs and $1.50 for Blu Rays. The companies that keep their prices low are the ones that I will turn to in these tougher times. A price hike of 60% will do exactly what they want it to. It will drive people to the streaming only option. I will keep Netflix for streaming only, but only until the quality goes down because of over utilization. Then I will seek other alternatives. I have been a huge Netflix proponent for years, but business practices that portray greed, rather than reflecting inflation make me reconsider. Why would I pay an extra $8 a month for a single DVD, with large gaps for mailing time. For that price, I can rent seven DVDs from the Redbox right around the corner. Sure, I have to take the DVD back the next day, but that just makes me watch it or not rent until I’m sure I can watch in a single night.

You have lost my DVD and Blu Ray business. I have a few ideas on what you can do with those extra DVDs and Blu Rays, but this is a family accessible site.

It just leaves me to wonder how you feel about your customers. I’m sure many will continue as is without anything more than cross muttering about how expensive things are “these days”. Others will make a change. Some may cancel their subscriptions completely. For now, I’ll use streaming. It’s convenient and it is already set up on all of my gaming systems and my phone, but I will not continue to use the service if we see another price hike.


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